XRCEL Single Bottle

  • XRCEL Single Bottle
  • XRCEL Single Bottle
  • XRCEL Single Bottle

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XRCEL Athlete Fuel is a great tasting drinkable sports supplement that delivers immediate and extended release fuel, via patented micro-gels, to help you stay physically and mentally strong.

XRCEL is scientifically formulated to work with your body, releasing energy generating glucose as your body needs it. Fueling up with XRCEL can help you push your body harder for longer, helping you outlast the competition.

Drink one specially designed 4.75 ounce bottle of XRCEL Athlete Fuel 15 minutes before training or competing to give your body both an instant and extended release of muscle and brain fueling energy. Also use XRCEL to refuel during lengthy training sessions or competitions to help you perform at your peak for a longer period of time.


Visit the XRCEL  Science + Nutritional information page for additional information:


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