Tri Everything Hybrid Race Number Belt

  • Tri Everything Hybrid Race Number Belt
  • Tri Everything Hybrid Race Number Belt

$ 12.00 USD


Two of the best ideas in one "Race Number Belt" and now features "EZ-SNAP" technology

The patented "HYBRID" Race Number Belt" combines both the original "Cord Lock" (Toggle) attachment method with the versatility of a "SNAP" attachment system as seen below

One "Race Number Belt" to address all athlete's racing needs and preferences

If casual racing, an athlete can attach their bib number by using the original "Cord Lock" (Toggle) attachment system

(To attach number using "Cord Locks", compress and remove the two cord locks then thread the two small dangling elastic pieces thru the two top holes in the race number, secure by replacing the cord locks)

For more Xtreme racing, or when a lower profile, more secure and versatile number attachment is required, attach by using the included "EZ-SNAP" attachment method

Number can be worn in front, back or moved around easily while on the run or bike

One size fits all / Both attachment methods will fit any size bib number

Made from new soft 1 inch elastic, adjustable to fit all, all belts get black hardware with a quick attach side release buckle

Spare "EZ-SNAP" included at female buckle end of belt

Low profile and lightest weight belt available starting at only (1 ounce / 29 g)

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