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Triathlon was once a sport thought to interest only men, but as the sport experiences rapid growth, more and more women are getting hooked. Since Lyn Lemaire became the first Ironwoman in 1979, and Julie Moss crawled dramatically over the 1982 Ironman finish line, participation by women in the sport has exploded. 

Julie Moss, Ironman World Championship 1982

According to USAT, female participation is up 27% from 2000, with 36.5% of USAT members being female. For more on how women are shaping the sport of triathlon worldwide, read this article from the February 2015 edition of the British newspaper The Guardian.  




Women triathletes face unique challenges, as most triathlon products have been designed with men in mind.  From wetsuits with long torsos and short legs, to bikes with excessive handlebar reach, the struggle to find female-specific tri gear continues.  Below is a compilation of tips and tricks we have learned that will help pave the way for women entering the world of triathlon. 


Tricks for Chicks: 

1. Apparel/equipment:

    There are a few products that you should purchase that are specific to women. 

       ---A good sports bra - A smaller cup-sized woman should look for more of a compression style bra with a crop top, while larger cup women should look for an encapsulated style bra. Good sports bras should have a few qualities, no matter what the size: they should avoid lots of padding, should be made of a breathable wicking material, and should not chafe. A good sports bra should be firmer than a normal bra. For a proper fit, the bottom band should be horizontally level from the front to the back. If the bra rides up, the straps are too tight, or it divides the breasts into fourths creating a "muffin top," the bra is not properly fit. Look at our collection of Zensah Bras. 

      ---A wetsuit cut for a woman - Women are shaped differently than men, and a proper fitting wetsuit is key to a successful swim. The right wetsuit will provide warmth and buoyancy, and will be hydrodynamic and hydrophobic. The wetsuit should fit like a second skin; there should be no extra fabric around the arms or groin. Wetsuits should be applied with care, using plastic bags on feet to easily slide them on, and gloves on your hands so nail marks are not left in the material. The TYR Hurricane Collection does a nice job of fitting wetsuits for women and provides both gloves and slippers so the wetsuit can slide on more easily. 

     ---A comfortable saddle - This is a huge deal for men and women alike. The saddles that come with most bikes are terribly uncomfortable and make riding long distances nearly impossible. A traditional saddle for women can restrict blood flow causing a hardening of the genital arteries and can have lasting effects. Studies show that as little as 11% of a person's body weight can compress the genital artery. An ISM or Terry Bike Seat can make the ride much more comfortable.  These saddles are designed to redistribute pressure points along the outside of the pubic area--on the pubic bones--away from the more centrally-located delicate soft tissue. 

    ---A triathlon bike built for a woman - There are hundreds of triathlon bikes out there built for men, but very few built for women. Even if a woman and a man were the same height, they are proportioned differently. Typically, women have longer legs and shorter torsos than men, which makes a difference in getting an accurate fit on the bike.  Blue Bicycles makes a great triathlon bike geared toward the needs of women. 


2. What to wear on race day:

   Beginners tend to struggle with this question much more than the seasoned triathlete.  Here is the nitty gritty of what to wear on race day: 

         ---Tri Suit - This can be a 1 or 2 piece depending upon personal preference. For a longer race, 2 pieces are easier for running to the port-a-potty.  Pearl Izumi makes a beautiful and very functional 2 piece tri suit made of lightweight material for superior ventilation, and an integrated bra top for maximal comfort.  Coeur also makes beautiful tri suits designed with women in mind. Just remember that while leaning forward during the bike, your top may ride up leaving an exposed area on your lower back that will be more susceptible to sunburn. 

       --- Wetsuit - Depending on the temperature of the water, a wetsuit may be a good idea. It will provide warmth, speed and buoyancy in the water.      

       --- Velocity-M Pro Speedsuit- For those swims that are not wetsuit legal, the Xterra Speedsuit is a great solution. It's hydrophobic material keeps you fast by reducing drag and wicking away water. When sizing this product keep in mind to order one size larger than your recommended wetsuit size if you are not wearing anything underneath it or two sizes larger if you are planning to wear your tri suit underneath.

       --- Good socks - You need to take care of those feet--you will need them for the bike and the run! Your everyday comfy cotton socks will not do here.  They will become saturated and lead to serious blistering.  Drymax makes a tri-specific sock containing Friction Free® PTFE fibers in the entire heel, forefoot and toe areas to prevent chafing and blistering.  It's a good idea to pack an extra pair just in case the first pair gets wet.

       ---Visor/hat - The sun can be very hot by the time the run comes, especially in longer distance races.  A good hat is essential for protecting your skin as well as your eyes from the harsh elements.  Headsweats makes a fantastic visor that fits all sizes (both men and women), and will protect from the harsh sun as well as absorb sweat and keep it out of the eyes. 

For a complete list of what to bring on race day, check out our Race Day Check List    

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Sporting a Baby Bump While Training for Your A-Race?

Athlete's Healthy Pregnancy

Triathlete Kim Mueller tackles the topic of the limits and capabilities of the human body during each phase of a healthy pregnancy in The Athlete's Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: Part I.  From athletes trying to conceive to seeking alternative exercises during late third trimester, Mueller debunks pregnancy myths such as exercise causing preterm labor or even miscarriage.

In The Athlete's Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: Part II, Kim Mueller addresses the trained athlete's return to competition. In her follow-up piece, she tackles many of the roadblocks new mom's face and how to overcome them for a quicker return to fitness.  




 Check Out These Great Reads!

 Triathlon for the Every Woman: You Can Be a Triathlete. Yes. You.

         By: Meredith Atwood and Bree Wee

Triathlon for Every WomanThis highly entertaining book is full of training tips, great advice, and stories to motivate all of us to be the most 
exceptional women and triathletes we can be. "If you are like me and you are good at making excuses for why you can't get to the gym or fit in your training, read this book so you can stop making excuses."


The Woman Triathlete

        By: Christina Gandolfo

The Woman TriathleteThis book discusses technique, equipment, and training needs specific to the female triathlete.  "It has been so inspiring to read a serious triathlon book that always refers to the triathlete as 'she' and 'her' without an exception. It really makes you believe that you can do it and do it well.  Other aspects that I particularly I like are the detailed training plans for all distances and varying levels." 



Ironman Introduces Women for Tri Initiative!!

In December 2014, Ironman sent out a call to all women triathletes, passionate about the sport, who would be interested in becoming a part of the Board of Advisors for the Ironman Women for Tri. The goal of the Women for Tri initiative was to  increase awareness and interest in the sport of triathlon, while providing content and training resources. In January 2015, 12 women were named to the inaugural board of advisors. Their aim is to unite and empower female athletes of all fitness levels and help them reach their goals.

You don’t have to be a world-class competitor to cross the line at an IRONMAN race; you just need to have the drive and put in the time.  To read more about this incredible group of women triathletes, click here.

 Companies with Women in Mind:

Coeur is a women founded business aimed at providing women's endurance apparel that fits well and is stylish. We carry a full line of Coeur products, check out some of our latest editions:

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