Tri Everything has Partnered with Brad Johnson Coaching to provide Triathlon Coaching Services

 Need a Winning Triathlon Training Plan? Hire a Triathlon Coach!

Look no further! Whether you are trying to run your first 5K or win your age group at Ironman Florida, getting a triathlon coach can take you to the next level as a triathlete. The Tri Everything Store proudly supports Brad Johnson Coaching! Our USA Triathlon Training services offer the novice to advance triathlete coaches who will support you every mile and meter of your triathlon journey!

Why Tri Coaching? For Optimal Athletic Performance

It doesn't matter if you are healing from an injury or are already on the top of your game, a triathlon coach can take you to next level! A triathlon trainer's goals are to help support the triathlete each step of the way to remain injury-free, and enjoy the sport even more. Each triathlon training plan is individually tailored to the triathlete's personal weaknesses and strengths, giving you optimal coaching!

The Benefits of Having a Triathlon Trainer:

• Train More Efficiently: Maximize your training time with a triathlete coach to get greater benefits
• Avoid Injury: With the right triathlon training plan, you can minimize your injury risk!
• Create Goals: From short to long-term, set goals with your coach to keep you on track!
• Nutritional & Mental Fitness Support: Get the support you need to see the results you want!

When you sign up with one of our coaches, your game will reap the benefits with:

1- Customized Triathlon Training Plans: From basic monthly plans to daily consultations, we have a plan for every level of athlete
2- Nutritional guidance: We'll dive into what you're eating and how it's working—or not working—for your body!
3- Peripheral Support: Let's plan for those races together, shall we?
4- Get Personal: We offer one-on-one sessions, as well as organized group workouts
5- Competitive Analysis: We offer swim, run and bike technique & positioning analysis
6- Even More: When you sign up with a Brad Johnson Coaching triathlete coach, you'll get access to exclusive camps and more.

To learn more about Brad Johnson Coaching, read below about our top tri coaches!


    Brad Johnson     

    Head Coach  

    My passion is endurance sports, and triathlon in particular. I thrive on working with athletes to help them achieve their unique, individual goals and I believe strongly that coaching is not about the coach. Coaching is about the client athlete. The ability to separate from one’s own goals and desires and focus 100% on the goals, needs and growth potential of the client, no matter the experience or ability level, is the foundation for good coaching. Athletic experience should be applied to lessons and training strategies, but it should only be done so in the context of how it applies to the athlete.

    In the past 10 years, I have competed in well over 40 triathlon, marathon and cycling endurance events across North America and have placed in my age group in various distances and races, but this in no way proves coaching ability. The results and references from the athletes trained under a solid understanding of the sport and proven endurance training principles show one’s abilities and character as a coach. My experience as a coach and my commitment to always do what is best for the client first has translated into consistently positive results for athletes at all levels under my training programs.

    I began coaching triathlon in 2005 in San Diego, California and mentored under Dave Scott’s Team in Training coaching certification program before moving back to the East Coast (South Carolina) later that year. In 2007 I moved from South Carolina to Quebec, Canada and continued to coach both running and triathlon in both group and individual settings. In 2011, I again attended the coaching certification program with Dave Scott, and upon returning to South Carolina in 2015, I completed the USAT coaching certification.

    While in Montreal, Quebec, I coached under CT Coaching and co-founded the CT TRI triathlon club, which logged several athlete podium finishes in its very first year. The club continues to offer triathletes a uniquely supportive environment in which to pursue the sport. Now back in South Carolina, I am working to bring the principles of success and proven coaching models to the newly founded CT Endurance training platform. I athletes. Being a competitive athlete is very rewarding but it pales in comparison to coaching athletes. Helping athletes achieve their goals and pushing them through their mental and physical barriers is a feeling that far surpasses my own accomplishments as an athlete.

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