Your Best Wetsuit: Triathlete Tested & Approved

Shopping for a wetsuit online can be tricky, but with the Tri Everything triathlete concierge, we make the process a splash, no pun intended, from beginning to end!

 We carry top brands like Xterra and TYR known for the best in triathlon wetsuits, tried, tested and loved by our concierge. We won’t put you in the open water unless we have found the best fit for you.


Triathlon Wetsuits: Perfect Fit For the Perfect Workout

We know how difficult it is shopping for the best men’s wetsuit and women’s wetsuit, but we remove the guess work  and make it easy for you. 

Call the triathlete concierge at 747-24-TRI-US  (747-248-7487) and we will:

  • Walk you through the process: Have a thick neck? Skinny legs? We know the wetsuit brands like the backs of our hands. We’ll find the right fit.
  • Coach you: On how to fit, try-on and wear your triathlon wetsuit.


Shop for Your Triathlon Wetsuit Hassle-Free

Don’t panic over your purchase. We’re here to help and remember: 

  • We ship your order free of charge when it’s over $50
  • Your order isn’t perfect? No sweat! Send it back to us and we’ll ship you another size or style free, as long as it’s over $50

Let’s get you in the water! Call our triathlete concierge today for personalized service. Hurry—the water is calling you! 747-24-TRI-US  (747-248-7487)