There are shoelaces, no-tie laces, elastic laces - and then there are Riplaces. The set it and forget it system of Bungees and Cores promises comfort and support while nixing the inconveniences of traditional laces. When you pull on your shoes, your mind is set to beat that personal best on a run, tackle a busy day at work or you're just ready to take on the day without worrying about tripping over loose laces. Halting the daily grind to tie and retie shoelaces has become an accepted part of our lives. But, those loose laces can be the one second difference in the final leg of a triathlon or disrupt your focus during that cheer routine you’ve been practicing for months.

Each kit comes with 5 different size bungees. This allows you to set the exact tension you want at each eyelet. Once installed, the tension will not shift or move like a conventional elastic lace or no tie lace because it’s locked in from eyelet to eyelet. You know how your shoe will fit before you put it on, and the entire time you are wearing it. It’s a sleek, clean look designed and adjusted by you.