Get The Wheels Turning: The Best Triathlon Bicycle on the Market

Is the rider only as good as his or her ride? If that’s the case, in order to be triathlon ready, you’ve got to get yourself on one of our Blue competition cycles!

Tri Everything, the one-stop online tri-shop, has the beginner to the advanced triathlete prepared to cycle with the perfect triathlon bicycle selection for men and women!

Blue Competition Cycles & Ceepo Frameset: Brands You Trust

As triathletes ourselves, we test every item we sell so that our customers know that our tri shop has the best selection of high-performing gear for triathletes of all levels.

One of our absolute favorite competition bikes are Blue Competition Cycles! We carry a large selection of these bikes that are ready to perform at top-speed for any and every triathlon, as well as CEEPO framesets.

We only sell brands that we trust and know are high-performing, durable and triathlon ready to get you through the race! From Ceepo to Blue competition Cycles, call our triathlete concierge at the Tri Everything Store to help you find the perfect triathlon bicycle today: 747-24-TRI-US (747-248-7487)