The days are getting shorter, the weather has cooled off just a bit, and I am enjoying the last days of summer. The Jersey Shore is absolutely beautiful this time of year. Ironman Lake Placid 2015 is now a month behind me, and I am loving this past month of recovery at this perfect time of year. I have no training goals, and the pressure seems to be completely gone.  Not to say that the past month of recovery has been easy, but it has been good.    

I have ditched my GPS watch—in fact I don’t even know where it is (probably still in my unpacked transition bag).  I have ditched the heart rate monitor, and the Training Peaks App is not even on my phone anymore.  I have just been doing what feels good and what I want to do—which is relatively limited since I don’t have a bike right now.

Sure, with my lack of activity I have packed on a few pounds, but I don’t care all that much.  My clothes are a little tight, but the weight will come off when I begin to train again. I mean it’s just 7.5lbs to be exact.  I guess that’s to be expected when you go from exercising 10 hours a week to 3 hours a week.  But my legs are no longer tired, and I’m not dreading running like I was a few months ago; in fact I am now craving it once again.  

I would love to PR at the Savannah Marathon, but if I don’t it’s fine—there will be more marathons.  I am not going to stress about times, just going to enjoy every minute of it. Of course I want to better myself and my times, but not this season. The rest of this season will be about recovery and enjoying every race, even if I’m slow as shit.

As the fall approaches, I find myself totally content with just relaxing and enjoying my post “A” race workouts.  I have not been on my bike or in the water, and honestly I don’t really care.  I have enjoyed doing what I love the most: running.  Even if I am slower than I want to be.  Though I don’t know where my watch is, so for all I know I’m not slow at all!