I sit here during race week (IM 70.3 Florida is Sunday!) both excited and nervous – Did I do enough to prepare?  I have not swam in open water since IM 70.3 Austin! Should I have done some shorter races before jumping straight into a 70.3 to open the season? Will it be wetsuit legal?   These are all things going through my head, along with many other things!

These may be the things going through my head, but the overwhelming feeling is of excitement! I have seen the results from the Team Tri Everything athletes* coming in and have been jealous that they have already raced and I am still training.  Many athletes love training, whereas I tolerate training so that I can race!  As I enter my second full triathlon season, my expectations are high, as last year I could use the excuse that this is all new.  This year I am training differently and hope it shows on the course.  Leaving my non-triathlon job and taking over Tri Everything full-time has allowed for more training time versus splitting time between training, my full-time job and Tri Everything.  That said, the move to South Carolina has come with its own challenges – making new connections, learning the race circuit, etc…  My off-season training was very different from last year, as feet of snow were replaced with warm weather (we did see snow once – 5 flakes).  This has allowed for more outdoor training during the “winter”.  I am hoping this prepared me for success! 

Not having to focus so much on the weather has allowed me to focus on other things, such as nutrition during training and actually using the training data provided by my Garmin.  I began using a new nutritional regimen during training that will hopefully increase my chances of success.  I admittedly am not so good at consuming calories during training and racing, which would result in ups and downs in my energy level throughout the race.  This year I am using XRCEL, a delayed release carbohydrate supplement that provides immediate carbs, as well as sustained carbohydrates that are released as it travels through the GI tract.  In the past I would try to consume all of my calories via liquid nutrition, which would create a bolus effect, and by the time I remembered to consume more I was behind the 8-ball, which usually resulted in disastrous run times!  Hopefully this new nutrition plan gives me energy throughout.

Additionally, actually following my training data will hopefully result in a stronger bike and run.  Swimming is still my Achilles heel, but hope that my increased time in the pool will rectify that.  As for the bike and run, I actually tracked my HR and speed data (I do not have a power meter yet!) and feel I am stronger now than at any time last season…we will see on Sunday!


2016 Team Tri Everything athlete race schedule (thru April 3)

Kelly Goodall - Summerlin Indoor Tri, Summerlin, NV

Krista Elwell - Lower Bucks YMCA Indoor Tri - Fairless Hills, PA (1st AG)

Rich McBride - Mardi Gras Madness 5K, Lake Charles, LA

Danielle Maham - A1A Marathon, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Kelly Goodall - Saints and Sinners half marathon, Henderson, NV

Jaime Hash: Y...NOT...Tri, Chattanooga TN

Rich McBride - T-Gators Duathlon, Lake Charles, LA

Jaime Hash - 5k Chattanooga marathon Chattanooga TN

Rich McBride - The Woodlands Half Marathon, The Woodlands, TX

Tyler Helmick - 2016 Lake Sammamish, WA Half Marathon

Danielle Maham – Las Olas Sprint Tri, Fort Lauderdale, FL (1st AG)

Bradley Shannon – Las Olas International Tri, Fort Lauderdale, FL (5th Overall – Open Male)

Kelly Goodall - Las Vegas Tri Club Sprint

Jaime Hash - 13.1 marathon raccoon Mtn., Chattanooga TN

Kelly Goodall - Spartan OCR Arizona

Tyler Helmick - IM 70.3 Puerto Rico (2nd AG)

Cat Mahoney - Smithfield Sprint Tri

Danielle Maham – South Beach Classic Tri, Miami Beach, FL (1st AG)

Phil Hollen - Baylor / Tom Landry Sprint triathlon, Dallas, Texas (4th AG)

Tyler Helmick - 30k Emerald Time Trial road race