This is a necklace my mother gave me after my first iron distance race.  It  is not about what I have accomplished but about who I have become. When I went through a particularly lost time in my 20s, my father asked me, if there were no limits, and you could do anything what would it be? I will never forget that conversation, because the saddest part was that I didn't know.  I didn't have any dreams, no aspirations, no goals. I had lived in NYC, Boston, Hawaii . I had traveled to London, Japan - you couldn't say  I hadn't been exposed to the world!  But I had no hope that I could do anything I wanted, if I could even identify something I felt passionate about. Today is the 15th anniversary of his death, 15 years without his guidance, his antics, but most of all his faith in me and his tendency to challenge me.   I realized the other day, I found the answer.  I wish I had found triathlon all those years ago.  But maybe it wouldn't have meant to me then what it does now.  Because I might have been faster or had more potential, but that's not what it's about for me.  It's about the people I have met.  Coach Cap and my coach, Vin.  Two people who have never given up on me, no matter what.  Who have guided me through this amazing change in lifestyle, who answer my naive questions with the same patience and thoughtfulness as they do their more competitive athletes.  My new and old friends and teammates - the ones who share their challenges and funny stories to motivate and inspire while we all sweat it out on the trainer during the cold winter months, the ones who stand on the sidelines for hours to cheer for thirty seconds with all their heart and lungs or wait long after the rest of the team has finished so that I don't finish alone, the ones who change their lives to embrace new challenges and dreams and those who literally pick me up and hold my hand across the finish line when the race is too much.  And it's about how I feel when I have a great workout, when I achieve a PR, when I complete a race knowing, while I may want to do more, I have come so far.  I am so grateful I have found this thing called triathlon.  And I hope my father can see that even at this age, I have found my passion.