I am not a triathlete.  I don't want to be one.  I mean no disrespect, but it takes a mindset and I praise all that have it.  But while I acknowledge that, I think of all the specialties in the race that should contribute to general physical fitness and weight loss.  Do they have to be so hard???

Again, I don't want to do this.  I want to lose weight.  That's it.  

I'm not swimming 2 miles.  I'm not biking to the west coast.  I'm not running more than I can drive.  I just want to burn calories and lose weight.  Yes, I've changed my diet to under 2000 calories per day.  I've tried to exercise 45 mins a day 5 times a week, although it's more like 4 times.....

And I've lost weight.

But for a commoner like myself, does the effort I've put in over the past 2 months warrant this??::


I'm trying. 

 And as I typed this, I realized I felt dejected due to my injury and slow progress.  Then I realized who I was talking to and thought, "You have all inspired me so much.  Should my little bruise deter me?"  Seriously.  I'm annoyed by a little bruise when you all may deal with road rash, heat stroke, and crashing waves (sometimes) to name a few issues.  You deal with all sorts of bruises every day, mental and physical.

 I TRY for 45 minutes.

 You succeed for HOURS.  HOURS.......And I'm worried about a bruise.  Seriously?

 You may think you suffer.  But think of who you inspire.