This was my Health New Year's Resolution: to lose 10 pounds. But then my mom told me ''It does not matter how much you weigh, it matters if you are active enough.'' So I changed it to this: to exercise every day. P.S. I was only exercising 4 days a week at swim practice. So, here we go!

I try to exercise every day because if you do not you will not be able to do things you want to do, like play football. Step 1 of my plan was to swim at least 4 days a week. Step 2 was to get on my trainer whenever I went to watch television. Step 3 was to get on the treadmill once a week (and since it's at my grandparents' house, I got to see them, too!).

On March 1, my parents asked me how I thought my New Year's Resolutions were going.  Well, swim season was over, and the trainer had gotten a little boring. We came up with a plan to eat vegetables with dinner every day, only have healthy snacks, and "buy" time on our tablets by exercising.  I sure am glad it's almost Spring so we can exercise on the beach!  

Now that is how you keep yourself happy and healthy. I hope you have been able to keep your resolutions!  Bye!