It was a Saturday morning meet.  As I walked up to the block, I thought "I've never raced a 50 meter free before."  When I got on the block I felt nervous, but then the bell rang.  I took off for the other side and realized I was beating everybody.  Then I got to the other side -- I won!  I got out of the water, then went to my bench and high-fived my coach.  My time was 44.23 seconds.  I improved by 14.23 seconds.  I was very proud.

I love swimming because it's like gliding through the water.  I also like it because it's my best sport!  I like cycling too because it's my second best sport so far.  It's kind of like kicking your feet up and down, so I guess it reminds me of swimming.  I would talk about the run more, but I don't like it.  My Mom says I'll be like Andy Potts, so I guess that's not so bad!